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Access critical data in real-time, efficiently manage numbering resources and develop targeted marketing strategies with a click of a button. With TruNumber Finder, you are in control of how and when your company accesses number portability data. Available as a separate commercial offering for authorized users of the U.S. NPAC, TruNumber Finder can be used for managing disputes and accelerating the resolutions of service issues for greater customer satisfaction, as well as:

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Help determine why a call is not going through


number administration

Query at block level to validate telephone number assignments

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telephone number status

View service provider ownership and porting history

Customer service

customer service representatives

Answer customer queries confidently, accurately and quickly with TruNumber Finder. As a customer service rep, you can simply, seamlessly and securely validate if a person is a current customer, whether your company offers coverage in the customer’s area and whether the phone number was ported correctly.

Number code administrators

number code administrators

TruNumber Finder provides accurate data in real-time, so you can spend less time managing numbering resources and more time solving problems on your network.  As a number code administrator, you can easily ensure the availability of adequate numbering assets and number blocks; eliminate numbers in a block owned by another provider; and look up, export and enter a number or range of numbers into the network system.

Network operators

network operators

Get the data you need in real-time to answer customer queries and troubleshoot your network efficiently and accurately with TruNumber Finder. As a network operator, you can determine ownership information, access critical routing information to verify the port was completed, view phone number history and access administration information.

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